by Richard Keyt, Arizona probate litigation attorney

Unfortunately disputes among heirs occur frequently after a person dies.  Sometimes the heirs can reach an amicable resolution of problems, but when that is not possible, the aggrieved heir has only two options:

  • Accept the status quo and move on with life.
  • Sue to get a court order that resolves the dispute in favor of the aggrieved heir.

If you think you may have to sue to resolve a dispute among heirs, call me, Richard Keyt, at 480-664-7478 to discuss whether you have a case and whether it would be prudent to sue.  I don’t charge to answer questions about probate litigation related issues.

Keep two important facts of litigation life in mind:

  • You should not sue unless you have the law and the facts on your side.
  • Litigation is very expensive.  Anytime you are a party to a lawsuit, you can expect that it will be expensive.

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