This website contains the following articles about Arizona probate law and how to conduct a probate in an Arizona Superior Court:

  • What is an Arizona Probate & When Is It Required? – How to conduct an inventory of the assets of a deceased person and how to analyze the title to each asset to determine if a probate will be required to obtain assets payable to the estate and transfer the estate’s assets to the heirs of the deceased.
  • How to Do an Arizona Probate – How to open an Arizona probate.  The priority of appointment of the personal representative.  Notice requirements and a general overview of the Arizona probate process.
  • Sun City Arizona Probate FAQs – Answers to questions  people ask about probates involving deceased residents of Sun City, Arizona, and Sun City West, Arizona.
  • Personal Representative’s Duties – A short list of some of the duties imposed on personal representatives by Arizona’s probate law.  Be sure to read this article if you are considering a do-it-yourself probate because it describes just some of the fiduciary duties of the personal representative and why the personal representative is liable for breaches of the statutory duties.
  • After Death Checklist – Although this checklist is written for a successor trustee who becomes trustee after a death, much of it applies to a surviving spouse or other family member when the deceased did not have a trust.
  • Arizona Probate Code Definitions – Many terms used in the Arizona Probate Code are defined by Arizona probate law.  When in doubt about the meaning of a term, look up the meaning here.