Arizona Probate Explained from A to Z

Learn everything you need to know about doing a probate for a deceased Arizona resident or a decedent who owned Arizona real estate.  Former CPA Richard C. Keyt of the law firm of Dyer, Bregman & Ferris, PLLC, and his father Richard Keyt of the law firm of KEYTLaw, LLC, the authors of this site, are Arizona probate attorneys who want people to hire them to do a probate in any Arizona county.  We learned long ago that people have the same questions about Arizona probate so we created this site to answer common probate questions.

  • What is probate?
  • My relative died, but is a probate necessary?
  • How does probate work?
  • Can I do a probate without a lawyer?
  • What do you charge to represent the personal representative of the estate of a deceased Arizona resident?
  • Does Arizona provide for an exemption from probate if the assets of the deceased are valued under a specified dollar amount?
  • Yes, we handle Arizona probates in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Peoria, Sun City, Sun City West, Litchfield Park, Goodyear, Surprise and any other city in Arizona.
How to Hire Us to Do a Probate

Why People Hire Us for Arizona Probates

  • Our $2,500 – $3,500 fee for an uncontested probate is less than what many attorneys charge.
  • We do it all so the personal representative can have a smooth stress-free probate.
  • To make sure the personal representative becomes aware of and satisfies all legal obligations. Probate is a Superior Court proceeding that creates personal liability for a personal representative who fails to comply with Arizona probate law.
  • We prepare and file all documents with the probate court and attend all court hearings.
How to Hire Us to Do a Probate

This site answers these questions and many more.  We want to help people understand everything they need to know about Arizona probate law and the probate process.

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What is Probate?

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Hire Us To Do Your Probate

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Arizona Probate FAQs

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Real Estate Exemption

Arizona law provides that heirs can prepare a small estate affidavit to avoid probate of real property located in Arizona if the value of the real estate is under $100,000.  Learn more . . .

Personal Property Exemption

Arizona law provides that heirs can prepare a small estate affidavit to avoid probate of personal property if the value of the personal property is under $75,000. Learn more . . .