by Richard C. Keyt

I am an Arizona probate attorney.  I represent people who open probates in an Arizona Superior Court.  My clients are the personal representatives of estates of deceased Arizona residents and non-Arizona residents who die while owning Arizona real estate.  Although most of the personal representatives (aka executors in other states) I represent involve probates for deceased residents of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Sun City and Sun City West, Arizona, I am able to conduct probates in every Arizona County.

We routinely do simple uncontested Arizona probates for $2,500 – $3,000.  If an attorney gives you a probate fee quote for an uncontested probate much higher than $3,000 be careful.  Ask the lawyer to explain why he or she charges so much when we do it for much less?

We make it very easy to hire hire us to represent a personal representative in an Arizona probate.  Just follow these simple steps:

1.  Get answers to all of your probate questions.  Call Arizona probate attorneys Richard C. Keyt (480-664-7472) or his father Richard Keyt (480-664-7478) if you have any questions about Arizona probate.  We do not charge to answer questions about Arizona probate law.

2.  Complete our online Probate Legal Service Agreement

3.  Send a check for $2,500 payable to KEYTLaw, LLC, to Richard C. Keyt, 7373 E. Doubletree Ranch Road, Suite 165, Scottsdale, AZ 85258.  The estate can reimburse the personal representative by paying $2,500 to the personal representative after the probate opens and the personal representative gets control of estate assets.

When we get your signed Probate Legal Service Agreement and check the following will occur:

1.  My legal assistant will contact the prospective personal representative to arrange to get the Will with the original signature of the deceased (if there is a Will) and answer any questions.

2.  We will prepare the petition to open the probate and get the prospective personal representative appointed as the actual personal representative.  We are usually able to open the probate and get the personal representative appointed about one week after we get the Probate Legal Service Agreement and the $2,500 security deposit.

3.  If there is no Will that waives the bond requirement, we will either: (i) prepare the documents to get the probate court to waive the bond, or (ii) assist the personal representative in getting the bond.

4.  We will explain what the personal representative must do to satisfy the personal representative’s legal obligations.

5.  We will prepare and complete all notices of appointment of the personal representative and other notices with respect to creditors as are required by the laws of Arizona and the rules of the Arizona probate court.

6.  We will assist the personal representative in preparing a complete inventory of all assets of any kind or nature that are subject to probate, and any nonprobate assets such as life insurance, retirement benefits, and other assets.

7.  We will prepare and complete all interim reports to the Probate Court and the beneficiaries as required during the course of administration of the Estate.

8.   We will prepare all reports, notices, consents, receipts, and accountings for closing the Estate and obtaining a discharge of liabilities for the personal representative.

9.  We will counsel and advise on any related questions or matters arising out of the administration of the Estate.