Question:  Bart Simpson asks, before she died my mother Marge Simpson who resided in Sun City, Arizona, wrote the following on a piece of paper: “On my death I give my home to my daughters Lisa Simpson and Maggie Simpson.”  She signed and dated the note.  My father Homer died before my Mom.  Is the note a valid Will in Arizona?

Answer:  Yes.  Arizona Revised Statutes Section 14-2503 states:

A will that does not comply with section 14-2502 is valid as a holographic will, whether or not witnessed, if the signature and the material provisions are in the handwriting of the testator.

I’m sorry to tell you that you have been disinherited by your Mom.  The home will have to go through probate in an Arizona probate court unless the value is less than $100,000.

To learn more about this probate exemption for Arizona real estate see “Small Estate Probate Exemption – Real Property.”